[Openmcl-devel] Profiling for CCL?

John Carroll J.A.Carroll at sussex.ac.uk
Mon Dec 2 10:52:11 PST 2013

I developed a execution sampling-based profiler (written in Lisp) for MCL back in in 1998. It's had a couple of positive mentions on the info-mcl and openmcl-devel lists since then. In 2011 I ported it to CCL. Since then I've only used it for my own purposes -- it's been useful in giving more detail with less effort than an advice-based profiler.

However, I have not released the new version of the profiler publicly since there's an error that crops up occasionally (I think due to finer grained scheduling of processes and gc in CCL).

Anyway, I attach the source code in case someone is able to fix the error and make it more generally practical.


On 12/1/13 6:26 PM, Mark H. David wrote:

> Does anyone do profiling on CCL?  What's good to use?  Saw online (http://ccl.clozure.com/manual/chapter12.html) something for Linux and Mac, two approaches.  Anything cross platform? Anything for Windows?
> Thanks,
> -Mark
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