[Openmcl-devel] Got an hour? CU-Boulder program lets you build a video game, learn to code

Alexander Repenning alexander.repenning at Colorado.EDU
Tue Dec 10 13:01:07 PST 2013

Dear Lisp programmers,

This is somewhat peripheral to this list but because I know many of you care about bringing programming to kids and also because AgentCubes, the non-online version, is a CCL App you may find this to be interesting. If you have kids or know teachers please give this a try.

I like to invite you to join the National Computer Science Education Week event next week (December 9-15, 2013 ) called the Hour of Code. This is an activity aimed at students with no programming background. Internationally, it is hoped that the event will attract over 10 million students. I like to especially invite you to the University of Colorado activity. It is a fun and creative activity in which students draw 3D characters, make a 3D game and program their characters in their browsers. Even low cost devices such as Chromebook will work. No installation is required. Even if you only have 45 minutes your students can do this. And, if they want to they can continue on their game later. We will keep the activity up for some time. If you cannot make it December 9-15 then there is still time.

University of Colorado press release: http://www.colorado.edu/news/releases/2013/12/04/got-hour-cu-boulder-program-lets-you-build-video-game-learn-code
Here is what students will do:


Students can participate in the Hour of Code by creating their own 3-D video game using a “sneak preview” version of AgentCubes™ (the 3-D successor to AgentSheets) that runs completely online inside standard web browsers: 


Note that students who participate in the Hour of Code exercise using AgentCubes™  Online can save projects they create. After the Hour of Code students, friends, and family can download the current AgentCubes™  “Lite” software free at:


Learn more about Computer Science Education week in general at:


Our Hour of Code activity is funded by the National Science Foundation and is sponsored by University of Colorado, AgentSheets, Inc., Code.org and Google, is aimed at encouraging students, who otherwise might not consider computer science, either in their education or as a career, to try a computer programming activity for one hour. The expectation is that many young people will discover that computer programming is fun and accessible, and consequently consider pursuing additional education in computer science and related fields.

In addition to having your students participate, encouraging your colleagues in areas that do not normally focus on technology to have their students participate as well. Computational thinking experienced through tools like AgentSheets® and AgentCubes™  provide an opportunity to address problems solving and critical thinking in nearly all disciplines, including the arts and humanities.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know,  Alex

Prof. Alexander Repenning

University of Colorado
Computer Science Department
Boulder, CO 80309-430

vCard: http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~ralex/AlexanderRepenning.vcf
facebook: www.facebook.com/AgentSheets
twitter: @AgentSheets

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