[Openmcl-devel] Playing with sockets

Ron Garret ron at flownet.com
Sun Feb 17 17:08:25 PST 2013

On Feb 17, 2013, at 5:03 PM, Ron Garret wrote:

> Now that I understand what's actually going on under the hood, I did some more experiments, including stopping CCL and restarting it.  I can now no longer reproduce the "weird" behavior that I was seeing earlier in the day.  So I suspect that what actually happened was that I somehow managed to kill the stream-flushing thread (I was using the IDE) earlier in my session without realizing it.

Confirmed.  I deliberately killed the "housekeeping" thread and I now see the same unusual behavior as before.

Now the mystery is how I lost that thread the first time.  I wasn't doing anything even remotely unusual.


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