[Openmcl-devel] ASDF 2.30 released

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 06:42:18 PST 2013

>> We also invite all implementations to make the standard *readtable*
>> and *print-pprint-dispatch* tables immutable,
> The spec says very clearly that the standard readtable (which you may not modify) is *different* to the initial value of *readtable*, which is the "initial readtable", and which you may modify. Indeed I do not think there is any defined access at all to the standard readtable other than that (copy-readtable nil) will make a copy of it which you can then modify.  Whether or not something which is not programmer-accesible is immutable or not is kind of a moot point.
> I have not checked the pprint dispatch case but I'm guessing it is the same.
Oh, but it is verily accessible, with WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX,
and that was causing some grief indeed.

(defvar *standard-readtable* (with-standard-io-syntax *readtable*))
(defvar *standard-pprint-dispatch* (with-standard-io-syntax

I'd go as far as to recommend that unreadable such tables
should be made the default while loading Lisp files,
unless explicitly overridden using named-readtables and such.
I should ask the cl-syntax author to add support for pprint-dispatch tables...

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