[Openmcl-devel] symbols equality

Taoufik Dachraoui dachraoui.taoufik at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 03:17:55 PST 2013


I am developing a simple package system and stumbled in the issue described

Very rudimentary description (by example) of the simple package system:


File foo.lisp <<
@::use (common-lisp bar tools/upcase)
;; everything after this point and before the next @::public is not exported
;; everything after this point is exported (external)
(defun foofun (a) ...)
>> end file

File bar.lisp <<
@::use (common-lisp tools/upcase)
;;; private section
(defun ....) ....
;; public section
(defun barfun (a) ...)
>> end file

File upcase.lisp <<
@::use (common-lisp)
;;; private section
;;; public section
>> end file

Now from ccl
? (mb:use 'foo)
;; this will create a package "/ROOT/FOO.LISP" with nickname "FOO"
;; along all packages (files) used by foo (/ROOT/BAR.LISP,
;; /ROOT/TOOLS/UPCASE.LISP) in @::use instruction

All created packages has a symbol **MB-PACKAGE-TIMESTAMP** that is equal to
the creation time of the package

Now, the issue (or annoyance) I encountered is the following:

(make-package :test1 :use :common-lisp)
(make-package :test2 :use :common-lisp)
(in-package :test2)
(defun foo (e) (if (eq e 'azerty) 'ok))
(export 'foo)
(in-package :test1)
(use-package :test2)
? (foo 'test2::azerty)
? (foo 'azerty)

I understand that this is how it should be.

But this poses an issue for me, because I have to use
(string= (symbol-name e) "AZERTY") in foo:

(defun foo (e) (if (string= (symbol-name e) "AZERTY") 'ok))

But then the 'ok will be returned as TEST2::OK, this means that TEST1
package has to use symbol-name and intern it

This is annoying, how do you solve this issue

Thanks for your help

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