[Openmcl-devel] eql and equal hash tables help please

George Khouri gk1 at four-four.com
Wed Jan 16 16:26:05 PST 2013

I did but there appears to be some limit to the initial size of a hash 
table in ccl.  I tried :size 90000 but when I interrupted the program 
the initial size of the table was only about 15k. I admit that 
l0-hash.lisp is a little too much brain drain for me to try to 
understand (in a reasonable amount of time) everything that's going on 
with hashing so I thought I'd ask.

On 01/16/2013 04:07 PM, Dave Cooper wrote:
> Did you try it using the :size argument to make-hash-table, with the 
> estimated number of entries in the file system?
> Best Regards,
>   Dave
> On Jan 16, 2013, at 6:31 PM, George Khouri <gk1 at four-four.com 
> <mailto:gk1 at four-four.com>> wrote:
>> Friends,
>> In a program that traverses a file system of ~125000 entries and adds 
>> the pathnames as keys to an #'equalhash table,ccl hangs in 
>> CCL::LOCK-FREE-PUTHASH with no progress after ~14000 entries - seems 
>> like it's just thrashing. No error is thrown and I can interrupt it 
>> with control-C.
>> If I add the pathnames to an #'eql hash table ccl has no problem with 
>> the same directory.
>> Is this expected behavior?
>> Itried the same thing in SBCL which works with either an eql or an 
>> equal hash table. BTW, the eql version runs in ~6 seconds in SBCL, 
>> compared to ~70 seconds in CCL, though I realize this speed 
>> difference could be a memory issue and not one of algorithms. Iknow 
>> nothing about SBCL.
>> I'm running ccl 1.8 on linux 3.2.0-33-generic Ubuntu 12.04 on a core 
>> i5 thinkpad, 4GB.
>> It doesn't "appear" that I'm  running low on memory, but the program 
>> behaves that way with the equal hash table, and though I've tried the 
>> various ccl command-line options to increase stack and heap 
>> allocations, as well as ulimit stack size, I've had no change in 
>> results. I've tried various values for initial hash table size, 
>> rehash size and threshold but nothing seems to have any beneficial 
>> effect.  The system monitor doesn't show any disk swapping going on.
>> Is there some memory parameter I'm missing that I need to change? Is 
>> there  a problem related to having 4 cpu cores?
>> Here's the typical output when I interrupt the seemingly hung program 
>> - the hashtable won't grow beyond this point:
>> Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.8-r15286M (LinuxX8664)!
>> ? (traverse-filesystem "/home/gkhouri/")
>> ................^C
>> > Break: interrupt signal
>> > While executing: CCL::LOCK-FREE-PUTHASH, in process listener(1).
>> ...
>> 1 > (:f 0)
>>  (7FB9FE90FF80) : 0 (LOCK-FREE-PUTHASH 
>> #P"/tmp/gkhouri-test/Documents/Music/M Stal Tunes.csv" #<HASH-TABLE 
>> :TEST EQUAL size 13672/13673 #x302000753F9D> T) 613
>>    CCL::KEY: #P"/tmp/gkhouri-test/Documents/Music/M Stal Tunes.csv"
>>    CCL::HASH: #<HASH-TABLE :TEST EQUAL size 13672/13673 #x302000753F9D>
>>    CCL::VALUE: T
>> 1 > (room)
>> Approximately 17,432,576 bytes of memory can be allocated
>> before the next full GC is triggered.
>> Total Size Free Used
>> Lisp Heap: 41025536 (40064K) 17432576 (17024K) 23592960 (23040K)
>> Stacks: 11072816 (10813K) 11055872 (10797K) 16944 (17K)
>> Static: 20304144 (19828K) 0 (0K) 20304144 (19828K)
>> 376792.870 MB reserved for heap expansion.
>> If I create the equal hash table with :lock-free set to nil, 
>> (make-hash-table :test #'equal :lock-free nil),  ccl presumably uses 
>> an older hashing algorithm and I don't think I have the problem 
>> storing the pathnames, BUT after about 15,000 entries, things slow 
>> down drastically, and unacceptably, presumably from rehashing(?), and 
>> I killed the program after about 60,000 entries because it was taking 
>> so long. With :lock-free enabled, I never get past ~14K entries.
>> Thanks for any info.
>> George Khouri
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