[Openmcl-devel] AppKiDo

Glen Foy lisp at clairvaux.org
Wed Jan 30 04:59:45 PST 2013

If you are working with Cocoa, you probably already use the documentation browser AppKiDo.  Last summer the author added a system service to the application.  If you select the name of a Cocoa function and select the "Services" submenu, "Look Up in AppKiDo",  the browser will open to the appropriate page.

I would like to add that to my documentation utility, so that typing control-x, control-d will do the same.


(#_NSPerformService @"Look Up in AppKido" pboard)

gives this error:

> Error: Extra arguments in (OS::|NSPerformService| @ "Look Up in AppKido" PBOARD)

Is this a problem with the database, or more likely, am I missing something?
Version 1.9-dev-r15612M-trunk  (DarwinX8664)  



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