[Openmcl-devel] UTF-8 problem - Can't load my sources with CCL 1.9

Andreas Thiele andreas at atp-media.de
Wed Jul 10 02:39:09 PDT 2013



I can’t load my current project with CCL 1.9 anymore, because CCL assumes UTF-8 file format although I did the following


(setf ccl:*default-file-character-encoding* nil)

(setf ccl:*terminal-character-encoding-name* :iso-8859-1)


Added a line


;;; -*- coding:latin-1; -*-




;;; -*- coding:iso-8859-1; -*-


to the problematic sources.


When I do


CCL –l build-my-system.lisp


which contains something like


(load “my-loading-code.lisp”)

(ccl:save-application … )


athiele at fwgz10:~/devel/lisp/fwgz2$ ./build

Read error between positions 1883 and 2119 in /home/athiele/devel/lisp/fwgz2/app/messages.lisp.

> Error: Reader error on #<BASIC-FILE-CHARACTER-INPUT-STREAM ("/home/athiele/devel/lisp/fwgz2/app/messages.lisp"/6 UTF-8) #x18CF6DE6>, near position 2119, within " auftritt, so hei� ":

>        Comma not inside backquote

> While executing: CCL::SIGNAL-READER-ERROR, in process listener(1).

> Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort, :R for a list of available restarts.

> If continued: Skip loading "build-ccl.lisp"

> Type :? for other options.

1 >


messages.lisp is not an UTF-8 file and I thought I made that clear. The system gets loaded by the integrated ASDF version (2.32).


Can anybody help me with a hint?


Best Regards



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