[Openmcl-devel] how to deploy a image with swank run as a daemon?

Andreas Thiele andreas at atp-media.de
Mon Jul 22 01:54:16 PDT 2013



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You could write a batch program or shell script to do the startup. If you
insist on Lisp doing the job, you might write another lisp program which
does this startup.


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the following 3 method do what I wish:
1,   screen
2,   detachtty
3,  ./image </dev/null &
but I want  only    ./image

the image i generate by following:

(defun save-image (path &key function-before-repl (swank-port 8005))
  "Save executable image to path"
  (setf swank:*log-output* nil)
  (let ((toplevel-function #'(lambda ()
                               (swank:create-server :port swank-port :style
:spawn :dont-close t :coding-system "utf-8-unix")
                               (when function-before-repl
                                 (funcall function-before-repl))
    (ccl:save-application path :toplevel-function toplevel-function
:prepend-kernel t)))


2013/7/19 Andreas Thiele <andreas at atp-media.de>

I am not sure if I understand you correctly. I use the unix program screen
to run my lisp application ¡°as daemon¡± ¨C I mean as a long running
background process. I find this very handy. If I want to use slime/swank, I
attach to the screen session, load swank and start a server. Rem: I have
several processes running within the image so the repl is always free and


Hope this helps.





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Betreff: [Openmcl-devel] how to deploy a image with swank run as a daemon?


I want to deploy a Lisp image which is runnable with Swank. This can be done
by using the image dump function provided by lisp implementations. But how
can it run as a daemon? 

Detachtty does a good job, but when I deploy, detachtty is required by the
user; I don't like this solution, I just want a standalone one.

Restas-daemon and sb-daemon may be another choice, but both are
SBCL-related. Is there a portable solution, or one just for Clozure CL?

I tried the daemon library from quicklisp too, but when I started Swank in
it, it hung. I could see in the proc file system that the socket file
descriptors were destroyed.

Now I have no idea.

Does anyone have something to advise?


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