[Openmcl-devel] question about "linker tricks" and "VirtualProtect spjump" error under Wine

dto at blocky.io dto at blocky.io
Mon Jul 22 08:18:23 PDT 2013

Greetings, Clozure CL community.

I have a question about the "linker tricks" described near remap_spjump() in the CCL source:


When attempting to run the Windows version of CCL under Wine 1.6, the following error message results:

 VirtualProtect spjump: 0x57 Invalid parameter.

A Wine developer took a look at the source in question, and said that it appeared that a VM feature that CCL is
using for memory reservation, isn't supported by Wine. He also said that if I could get a clarification from CCL developers
on what the "linker tricks" are, I might be able to modify Wine so that it works, without modifying CCL at all.

Why am I doing this? I used to use SBCL.EXE with Wine in order to build Windows EXE's of my games without
having Windows. But unfortunately, the resulting EXE won't work on some 64-bit versions of Windows due to 
an existing incompatibility in SBCL. I use CCL for the Windows versions now, but I have to use a separate Windows 
machine that I don't always have access to.

For the curious, my current GPL game is here: http://blocky.io/2x0ng.html
And I'd like to thank you for helping me a few times on the IRC channel, when I first started building
the game with CCL.

So, I hope that with a little information, I could work with Wine developers to make things compatible.
I would greatly appreciate any information you could offer as to what remap_spjump() is doing.

Thank you. 


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