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Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Tue Jun 4 03:41:31 PDT 2013

It doesn't matter to CCL where it's installed - any directory whose contents you can read/write/list should work fine for typical use.
If you use the provided shell scripts to invoke the lisp, your shell will find them (without your having to type their full pathname) if they're in some directory on your shell's search path.
Many things in CCL do depend on it being able to find its installation directory.  If you use those shell scripts, you typically have to edit them so that they correctly define an environment variable that specifies this directory.
If you don't use the shell scripts, CCL will assume that its installed in whatever directory is whatever directory contained the heap image.
There's nothing special about /usr  , and some locations within /usr may be bad places to keep things that aren't part of the OS

Greg Bennett <gwbennett at sentex.ca> wrote:

>I've used svn via tortoise under Windowswhich allows some choice in 
>where things
>are installed. Raw svn under Linux (Mint14;64bit) as far as I can see 
>will install ccl wherever
>I issue the svn co http://...  Perhaps a naive query: does it matter 
>where I install ccl; I'd suppose that
>linux would "expect" it to go somewhere in /usr. If it's significant I 
>have a separate /home partition.
>Thx /Greg Bennett
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