[Openmcl-devel] Maybe a better way to delivery apps

Mike Manilone crtmike at gmx.us
Sun Jun 9 22:53:59 PDT 2013

於 日,2013-06-09 於 13:28 -0400,Dave Cooper 提到:
> This all of course assumes that the receiving end already has
> compatible CCL version installed (that's somewhat analogous assumption
> with JAR files). Where the analogy falls apart, at least for CCL, is
> that any delivered fasls will still be platform-specific (e.g. Mac,
> Windows, Linux) unlike JAR files which are supposed to run unmodified
> on any underlying OS platform.

This doesn't really matter. Compiled files are supposed to run faster
(doesn't require compilation). Of course it would be better if CCL had
provided a bytecode facility for some other platforms.
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