[Openmcl-devel] CCL logical translations

peter p2.edoc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 11:16:19 PDT 2013

I've made a cut-down version to the MacOS Clozure application but 
with most of the lisp sources removed. I now want to re-enable 
meta-.ing of CCL sources while I work in this version of Clozure, so 
used ccl::set-ccl-directory to point to the directory of a full 
version of Clozure.

However when I try to edit such as the function 
ccl::set-ccl-directory, I fail in the AltConsole (> Error: Fault 
during read of memory address #x0
>  While executing: CCL::EXTERNAL-FORMAT-FROM-OCTET-BUFFER, in process 
>Initial(0).). File doesn't exist (BTW when :popping out of there, 
>the popup dialog allows text marking but not copy).

Anyway, inspecting inside the compiled function, I see the path is 
ccl:l1;l1-boot-1.lisp, however the actual source is in
... ccl/level-1/l1-boot-1.lisp

I've lost my way with the ccl:l1 directory becoming ccl:level-1

Is there a standard way to make CCL: logical pathnames redirect to 
where I've put them?

BTW is there a way to make attempts to open files that do not exist 
fail in lisp rather than the AltConsole?

PS. All this using 1.9-r15808  (DarwinX8664)!

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