[Openmcl-devel] swank test failed ... test-print-arglist & ccl::*print-abbreviate-quote*

Ben Hyde bhyde at pobox.com
Sat Mar 9 13:57:03 PST 2013

Each time swank loaded it runs (swank::test-print-arglist) which complains:

; Warning: Test failed: (&key #'#'+) => "(&key (function (function +)))"
;            Expected: "(&key (function #'+))"
; While executing: (:internal test test-print-arglist), in process worker(8).

That's due to this…

swank> (decoded-arglist-to-string (decode-arglist '(&key (function #'+))))
"(&key (function (function +)))"

Decoded-arglist-to-string is in swank-arglists.lisp.   It is using with-standard-io-syntax.  That binds ccl::*print-abbreviate-quote* to nil.  If I force it to T in decoded-arglist-to-string the test "passes."

It is certainly beyond the scope of my expertise etc. to determine where if anyplace the bug lies.  Though this seems odd to me:

$ ccl64 --no-init
Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.9-r15759  (DarwinX8664)!
? (values ccl::*print-abbreviate-quote* (with-standard-io-syntax ccl::*print-abbreviate-quote*))


 - ben
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