[Openmcl-devel] Live Coding On ClozureCL.

Park SungMin byulparan_eng at icloud.com
Mon May 20 13:36:55 PDT 2013

It's my custom SuperCollider client library. very simply…but, very ugly.

I used OSC library(https://github.com/zzkt), and 1:1 binding to SC3's commands.

for examples…

;;; for get server's node info .
(defun server-query-all-nodes (server)
  (send-message server "/g_dumpTree" 0 0))

;;; make buffer from audiofile.
(defun buffer-read (server path &key bufnum action)
  (let ((file-path (get-fullpath path)))
    (assert (probe-file file-path) (path) "not have file< ~a >" file-path)
    (let* ((bufnum (if bufnum bufnum (get-next-buffer-number server)))
	   (new-buffer (make-instance 'buffer :path file-path
					      :bufnum bufnum
					      :server server))
	   (msg (list "/b_allocRead" bufnum file-path 0 -1 (osc:encode-message "/b_query" bufnum))))
      (setf (gethash (list "/b_allocRead" bufnum) (buffer-table server)) action)
      (apply #'send-message server msg)

just a lot of work to do, not difficult(ugen binding for defsynth).

... in the near future, I want to share to Common Lisp Artists.
To do this, the is a bit of a problem to be solved.

English is a big stumbling block for me.
Google translator is good. but not perfect. 

2013. 5. 21., 오전 1:14, Andrew Shalit <ashalit at learningtouch.com> 작성:

> Thank you, this was really beautiful!
> Can you say any more about the Lisp interface to SuperCollider that you used?
> Good stuff.
> On May 18, 2013, at 9:03 AM, Park SungMin <byulparan_eng at icloud.com> wrote:
>> Live Coding demo on ClozureCL.I used my supercollider client(sound) and ObjC bridge/cl-opengl(graphics).
>> I have used ClozureCL for about 8 years. It's best tool for me.
>> Thanks for dev.
>> https://vimeo.com/66448855
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