[Openmcl-devel] ASDF 3.0.3 released

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Wed Oct 23 10:52:39 PDT 2013

Dear Lisp hackers,

I am pleased to announce the release of ASDF 2.26.
Since previous release 2.25, the changes are as follows:

  * Run-program much improved, with a slight backward incompatibility.
    See the new documentation about it.
  * Portability enhanced, with more robust Windows support,
    plus patches for CCL, CLISP, LispWorks, XCL.
  * UIOP improved, with a README, more docstrings, a few new functions
    (println, writeln, stripln, ensure-gethash, vomit-output-stream),
    and bugfixes (to ensure-function, with-temporary-file,
  * Debian installations that don't export XDG_DATA_DIRS will benefit
    from the fix to split-string, as the bug was basically disabling
    the default source-registry entry for
    Closes: #723977
  * Minor tweaks to the defsystem, mostly to print more information
    in some situations, less in other situations, but also to better
    handle systems with secondary names like foo/bar, a fix for user
    functions in output-translation, and to :version (:read-file-...)
  * Documentation somewhat updated.

This is a very substantial bug fix release, notably on Windows, but has
a stable API wrt the previous version.  For this reason, CL
implementations are strongly encouraged to replace previous bundled
versions with 3.0.3.

As always, thanks to Faré for what seems like a countless number of
fixes.  Thanks to Dave Cooper for many hours of testing on Windows,
without whom the improvements on that platform would have been impossible.

Work will soon begin on the 3.1.0 series, with some additional API
features, so please make sure to pull a copy of 3.0.3 instead of the
bleeding edge when you are bundling.


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