[Openmcl-devel] Using screen to put CCL/HT in production as a web server

Christoph-Simon Senjak css at uxul.de
Sun Sep 1 23:17:41 UTC 2013

Am 02.09.2013 01:04, schrieb Ron Garret:
> I'm about to put a CCL web app (using Hunchentoot) into production.  Up to now I've been taking advantage of all the interactive goodness that the IDE offers, but of course that will mostly go away once the app is deployed.  But it occurred to me that I could use the "screen" program to keep a REPL around for debugging the live app.  My question is: is this a wise thing to do?  Are there potential unexpected negative consequences of deploying an application this way?  Security holes?  Possible crashes?  Has anyone tried this?  This is one set of lessons I'd rather not learn the hard way.
> Thanks,
> rg

On my blog (uxul.de) I did exactly this, with SBCL. However, I ran into 
the problem that if something elementary that Hunchentoot does not catch 
goes wrong (OOM, etc.), the REPL of SBCL will drop me into ldb, instead 
of just stopping (so I can restart it externally). As I do not know how 
to prevent this, I do not use the REPL anymore.

(As a side note, I prefer using tmux instead of screen. It comes from 
the OpenBSD world and is _really_ stable.)


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