[Openmcl-devel] How do I get rid of the extraneous newline on stdout when using CCL in batch mode?

Kalman Reti kalman.reti at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 16:29:36 PDT 2014

lx86cl64 -K iso-8859-1 -Q -b -e '(princ #\1)' < /dev/null > a

produces a file with two characters: the "1" I wanted to write
followed by a newline that
I do not want.

I'm trying to write a filter in an environment where I'm constrained
to use stdin/stdout
but need to control exactly which bytes are being written...

(I tried to explicitly close *standard-output* after the princ, and
discovered that the
newline is created by the process-exit-application method in
l1-processes; however,
while closing stdout causes the redirected file to have the correct
contents in the
example above, it spews a backtrace to stdout when using in my real environment.
I thought if there was a catch higher than the toplevel-loop, I could
throw to that
instead, but I didn't find such a thing.)

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