[Openmcl-devel] why send/stret?

Pascal J. Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Sat Apr 26 22:14:24 PDT 2014

pjb at informatimago.com (Pascal J. Bourguignon) writes:

> cl-user> (objc:send ns:ns-affine-transform 'alloc)
> #<ns-affine-transform [uninitialized] (#x24E24C30)>
> cl-user> (objc:send ns:ns-affine-transform 'transform)
>> Debug: The message "transform" must be sent using SEND/STRET
> What's the difference between 
>     +[NSAffineTransform transform]
> and 
>     +[NSAffineTransform alloc]
> that would require send/stret for the former?

Notice that the following works perfectly:

cl-user> (objc:send (objc:send ns:ns-affine-transform 'class) :perform-selector (objc:\@selector |transform|))
#<ns-affine-transform <NSAffineTransform: 0x24e2ad70> (#x24E2AD70)>

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