[Openmcl-devel] Pretty Print Format String Error

Steven Núñez steven.nunez at inference.sg
Sat Jan 3 09:03:34 PST 2015


I’m evaluating clunit<https://github.com/tgutu/clunit> and noticed that the pretty-print format strings are not working correctly, and the fault appears to be with CCL. For example:

? (setq *print-pretty* t)
? (format t "~:@_FAILURE DETAILS:~:@_~4:I================")
FAILURE DETAILS:================

As I read the CLHS 22.3<http://www.lispworks.com/documentation/lw51/CLHS/Body/22_c.htm> section, the ~:@_ directive is equivalent to a mandatory newline (i.e. ~%), but that’s not the case here.

Am I missing something?

- SteveN
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