[Openmcl-devel] The Objective-C Bridge and Clozure CL IDE with Linux and GNUstep

Terry Lassiter lassiter at christianfellowships.info
Fri Jun 19 16:57:56 PDT 2015

On 15-06-19 06:49 PM, David McClain wrote:
> In  some ways my own situation mirrors that of Terry… So i have an interest in this thread. My own background is very heavy hitting in Lisp, mostly for machine control, signal & image processing, and language development. I am not an expert in GUI design, but I have done my fair share of them. I do find it exasperating that after more than 30 years there is still no decent, easy to use, GUI “system”.
> Many years ago I did a bunch of work in Stk, from France. It was a decent system using Tk as its GUI renderer. Just the other day I found some possibly interesting things on Racket (formerly DrScheme). (Sorry for the heresies!)
Very interesting, David.

I completely forgot to mention my foray into Racket. I started checking 
it out a few months ago precisely because of gui issues. I am no expert 
on this, but I have a good impression of the language. Since I am only 5 
years old as a Lisp user, I should also confess that have a (heretofore 
secret) preference for lisp-1. And, my not-so-expert Haskell use has 
also pushed me a bit farther down the FP road than CL tends to take a 
person, for which Racket may be a /slightly/ better fit.

Once I have more or less completed my investigation of qt (and qtools) I 
may pick up again with Racket.

If you are so inclined, please post what you discover about Racket. 
Email me off this list if you want, since it may be off topic here.

- TL -
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