[Openmcl-devel] How can I detect a client closed its connection to a listener socket?

Andreas Thiele andreas at atp-media.de
Mon Nov 30 07:00:26 PST 2015



I wrote the following bit of code:


(defvar *test-socket* nil)


(defun test-listener ()


     (let ((stream (ccl:accept-connection *test-socket*

:stream-args '(:external-format :iso-8859-1))))

       (adt:record :dbg "connect test")

       (loop :unless (ccl:stream-eofp stream) :do (sleep 0.2))

       (adt:record :dbg "disconnect test"))))


(defun start-test-listener ()

  (setf *test-socket* (ccl:make-socket :local-port 4010

:connect :passive :reuse-address t :keepalive t))

  (ccl:process-run-function "Test Listener" 'test-listener))


(defvar *test-stream* nil)


(defun connect-test ()


    (setf *test-stream* (ccl:make-socket :remote-host ""

:remote-port 4010))))


adt:record just prints to my slime-repl. I start the listener using
start-test-listener connect a client via connect-test. "connect test"
appears within my slime window. I do a (close *test-stream*) but nothing
happens. (ccl:tream-eofp stream) never returns true and thus the loop never
ends and no "disconnect test" can appear. Is there a way to solve this? How
do I detect, the client has closed the connection?


Thankful for any hint or help.


Best Regards

Andreas Thiele


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