[Openmcl-devel] Portable AllegroServe

Robert Cram robert at robertcramconstruction.com
Sun Feb 7 10:37:33 PST 2016

Does there exist a commonly-accepted way to get a good copy of portable allegroserve, that works with CCL?

This may be too much information, or irrelevant, but after operatiing for about a year with a good system, I ran into a bug in the CGI code, an incompatiility with the acl-compat layer.  I emptied out all the portableaserve tree and tried quicklisp:quickload :verbose “aserve”.  Oops - lots and lots of compile errors, including the same problem in the CGI/acl-compat stuff.

A year ago was my first serious foray into Lisp. It was a tentative step at that point, and I didn’t record how I built my (mostly) working system.  I can revert my development system back to what I had before, and clean up the problems one by one, but I’d rather do it the right way - I have a system that’s approaching production.

I apologize for asking here in the openmcl list, but I am having difficulty sorting out who’s who or what, out in the rest of the world. Obviously there’s some changing landscape in the git/subversion/sourceforge/everyone else world, that I don’t yet understand.  It’s not clear to me that there exists an central, authoritative voice, so I’m asking in the decentralized, trusted place.

I would appreciate any pointers.

- Bob

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