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> On 2016-06-23, at 19:13, Shannon Spires <svs at bearlanding.com <mailto:svs at bearlanding.com>> wrote:
> On Jun 23, 2016, at 6:00 AM,  james anderson <james.anderson at setf.de <mailto:james.anderson at setf.de>> wrote:
>> good morning;
>> if one were to want to make any of this beyond the 5.2 image available on-line, is there anyone with authority to release the copyright?
>> best regards, from berlin,
> I'm not quite sure what you meant by "beyond" (i.e. previous in time or later in time) but the complete source for building 5.2 is online. Digitool released it as LLGPL and Terje Norderhaug put it up on Sourceforge. I recently moved it from there to Github:
> https://github.com/svspire/mcl/ <https://github.com/svspire/mcl/>
> https://github.com/svspire/mcl/wiki <https://github.com/svspire/mcl/wiki>
> Unfortunately, none of the pre-5.2 history is present except in comments at the beginning of the files.

this is the content i was refering to. 
for the earlier versions the holders may or may not be the same as the released 5.2 files.
i recall several transfers of ownership, but would not be able to say what was transfered.

> Some of that is interesting, but it's not enough to reconstruct previous versions.
> -SS
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