[Openmcl-devel] issues with search-files dialog

Arthur Cater arthur.cater at ucd.ie
Thu Oct 13 10:06:00 PDT 2016

Hello, me again but different issue.
On my Macbook Pro with OS X.11.5, using the search-files dialog (via cmd-shift-f) is sometimes behaving oddly.

a) conducting a second search, changing the search string, sometimes does not displace the results of the first search.

b) conducting a second search, sometimes causes the window to shrink to around a third of its previous size, trying to resize it causes it then to become around two thirds of its previous size.

c) doing a search of ccl sources sometimes behaves as I’d expect, and sometimes claims to find hundreds of thousands of matches, expanding results shows that every line of a file is present as a match.

I attach a screenshot of a newly-started run with
   ./dx86cl64 —no-init 
   (require :cocoa)
   and a search.

Should I write one or more ticket?


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