[Openmcl-devel] Output from SAM profiler in CCL

Craig Lanning craig.t.lanning at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 13:41:36 PDT 2017

Here is the output from comparing one pair of Schema files:

13%  CCL::SPECIFIER-TYPE  <no source>
 8%  CCL::VALUES-SPECIFIER-TYPE  <no source>
 6%  SXHASH  <no source>
 5%  EEK::EXP-SYMBOL  (defun EXP-SYMBOL (stream char...
 4%  NIL  <no source>
 4%  TYPEP  <no source>

EEK::EXP-SYMBOL is a function in the custom Lisp Reader that builds the
tokens while reading the schema files.

Is CCL::SPECIFIER-TYPE a function related to dispatching methods within
a generic function?  I use a lot of generic functions and methods.  Is
there a way to precompile all of the generic function dispatch code?

Is there anything I can do collect more info?  This doesn't look very
useful to me.

If it was spending a lot of time in methods of a specific generic
function, would that information show up here?


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