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Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Fri Feb 10 07:53:28 PST 2017

First I hope that Gary feels better.  
While I never met him in person I always read every email he wrote to the list.  Even if I had not paid any attention to the previous part of the thread I always knew that Gary's email would be interesting, deeply informed, and often humorous.   
I will miss his emails.  
To the CCL Community -  

 As many of you know, Gary Byers has been on a leave of absence from his Clozure CL work to attend to his health.  Iâm writing to let you know that, unfortunately, this leave will be permanent.  Gary has resigned from his position at Clozure and will no longer be the lead developer of Clozure CL. 

 Over the last 30+ years Gary has made a tremendous contribution to the Common Lisp programming community, first through his work on Macintosh Common Lisp, and then through the creation of CCL.  Gary has always been ready to share his deep knowledge of the Common Lisp standard and the issues attending its implementation. I donât know anyone whose understanding of the details of Common Lisp could match Garyâs. His many contributions will be missed. 

 The work on CCL will continue, though.  In Garyâs absence, Matthew Emerson will be stepping up as the primary maintainer of CCL.  Matthew is moving CCL to GitHub, and he hopes that others will pitch in to continue the development of this great software platform.  Clozure Associates will also continue to support CCL, through direct contributions and through our consulting work. Iâll be supporting those efforts, and I hope youâll consider supporting them as well. 


 Andrew Shalit 
 Clozure Associates 
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