[Openmcl-devel] Fwd: bitrot and #_glLoadname - apology

Arthur Cater arthur.cater at ucd.ie
Fri Feb 24 11:49:17 PST 2017

Not bitrot, selfrot. I’d misspelt glLoadName as Loadname. Sorry for the noise.

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> From: Arthur Cater <arthur.cater at ucd.ie>
> Subject: bitrot and #_glLoadname
> Date: February 24, 2017 at 6:15:56 PM GMT
> To: openmcl-devel Devel <openmcl-devel at clozure.com>
> Hi, about a year ago I was playing with the Rubix demo on my Mac, successfully.
> Now I’m picking up again and finding that #_glLoadname is unrecognizable.
> It’s an older ccl (1.10) being used then and now, I suspect my upgrade from
> OS 10.6.8 to OS 10.10.5 happened in the interim (yes I am behind on a curve or two).
> Can anyone please throw a little light on what might have happened to #_glLoadname?
> Arthur

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