[Openmcl-devel] prompt-for-file (embarrassing question)

Laughing Water lw at mt.net
Wed Mar 29 17:34:26 PDT 2017

I’m embarrassed to ask, but I have failed to figure out how to successfully execute PROMPT-FOR-FILE. This is on Mac OS X 10.11.6 and using a freshly-downloaded CCL 1.11-store-r16714 from the App Store.

? (in-package :hi)
#<Package "HI">
? (prompt-for-file)
> Error: There is no applicable method for the generic function:
>        when called with arguments:
>          (NIL)
> While executing: #<CCL::STANDARD-KERNEL-METHOD NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD (T)>, in process Listener(4).

I first laid my hands on MCL in 1990, have used LispWorks for over 10 years and wanted to try running some of my code in CCL. I was hoping for some instant gratification with a small piece of programming, but no success after an hour or more poring through documentation.

Laughing Water

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