[Openmcl-devel] Application created with save-application: it is possible to reduce the time of the bouncing icon in Mac OS X Dock at the start?

Renzo Orsini renzo.orsini at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 03:43:12 PDT 2018

I’ve created a no-console CCL application that starts a web server, open automatically the application home page, and then stop when the the user perform some action. Then I save this application on Mac OS X with save-application, prepending the kernel and producing a neat self-contained application bundle that can be runned by double clicking on it (I’m planning a future version for Windows and Linux).

Everything works well, the only annoying thing is that in Mac OS X the application icon bounces on the dock when the application starts for two minutes, even after the initialization phase.

I suppose it depends on the fact that the application does not terminates with the top-level function that I am using (that starts the web server and open the application page). I tried to different strategies inside this function: opened a socket with an “accept-connection” on it to terminate when a connection is done to the socket port, or perform a (read) (which does not return since the application does not read anything).

So I am asking: can you think of some way of reducing the time the icon is bouncing in the dock? 

Thanks a lot for any idea.

Renzo Orsini

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