[Openmcl-devel] Questions about porting an MCL app from Classic Mac

Thej thej at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 6 10:17:20 PDT 2019

I found a very interesting old MCL project online and I was wondering what would be required to “port” it to Clozure CL?
Full source code is available.

The requirements listed include:
  -MCL 3.1 or 4.0
  -Mac OS 7.x
  -Quicktime 2.0

I’m assuming that it’s reliance on the mac os toolbox and on Quicktime would add some complexity to such a project.
The user manual is included in both repositories below and I have also found the complete Object Reference Manual as well.

The source code is here:

Another repository with full source code and precompiled versions for 68K and PPC can be found here:

SK8 runs well in the BasiliskII emulator (68k) but the PPC version crashes instantly in SheepShaver (MCL 4 crashes too). However, the 68K version does work in SheepShaver. It is a lot slower then BasiliskII though.

Thanks in advance for any import that you can provide :-)


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