[Openmcl-devel] Query about ASSERT and COMPILER-LET

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Thu Apr 16 12:53:57 PDT 2020

In the SHOP3 planner, I use the ITERATE package for looping.  When I 
compile SHOP3 on my Linux test machine with 1.11, I get compiler 
warnings, because ITERATE can't successfully code walk CCL's code.

When I look at the warning messages, it looks to me as if `ASSERT` calls 
are being translated into a complex s-expression wrapped in 
`ccl:compiler-let`, which ITERATE doesn't know how to walk.

However, on my laptop, which runs macOS Catalina, and CCL 1.12, I do 
**not** get these compiler warnings.

So I was wondering:  going forward can I rely on this being OK?  Has the 
compiler-let rewrite been removed from CCL?  Or is this something that 
is related to the OS, so that it will continue to appear on Linux?

I would like to know because if this is something that will continue to 
appear, I can try to add support for `ccl:compiler-let` to ITERATE.  But 
this might be quite difficult, and I would prefer not to, unless it's 
absolutely necessary.

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