[Openmcl-devel] Cl-smtp and gmail

Mark Klein m_klein at mit.edu
Sun Feb 23 16:53:47 PST 2020


I’d like to use cl-smtp to send emails using the gmail smtp server. This is my function:

(defun sm (&key from to (subject "") (message "") test)
  (declare (ignore from test))
  (cl-smtp:send-email "smtp.gmail.com<http://smtp.gmail.com>" "kleinmark50 at gmail.com<mailto:kleinmark50 at gmail.com>" to subject message
                      :port 587
                      :html-message message
                      :authentication `(:login "kleinmark50 at gmail.com<mailto:kleinmark50 at gmail.com>” ,*password*)))

This is the error message:

> Error: #<NO-SUPPORTED-AUTHENTICATION-METHOD SMTP authentication has been requested, but the SMTP server did not advertise any supported authentication scheme.  Features announced: "SIZE 35882577", "8BITMIME", "STARTTLS", "ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES", "PIPELINING", "CHUNKING", "SMTPUTF8">
> While executing: CL-SMTP::SMTP-AUTHENTICATE, in process Listener(4).

Any suggestions how I can fix this? Is the port or authentication type incorrect? Does cl-smtp support the kind of authentication that gmail requires (cl-smtp works for other email servers)? Is there some other smtp client library I should use instead?

This probably not specifically a CCL-specific issue, sorry about that, but you guys have been super-helpful with my other questions so I hope you can weigh in.



Mark Klein, PhD
Principal Research Scientist
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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