[Openmcl-devel] CCL 1.12 - Patch Available for FreeBSD Ports

Sean Champ lab at thinkum.space
Mon May 4 06:56:55 PDT 2020

If anyone else may be using CCL on FreeBSD, I've published a patch for 
FreeBSD ports such that allows for installing CCL 1.12 under FreeBSD 
ports. The patch has been entered into the formal FreeBSD ports Q/A 

The patch for FreeBSD ports is available in the thinkum-sys FreeBSD 
ports contrib mirror, under a patch branch 

The patch is contained entirely in the present head changeset on that 

The changelog contains some description of the patch, similar to the 
content of the initial announcement under FreeBSD bugzilla.

The patch has been merged into the [thinkum] development branch at the 
same ports contrib mirror

Although I cannot guarantee any ongoing updates to that contrib mirror, 
I believe that the patch branch itself should be generally applicable 
without further merging, at least until any next update in the lang/ccl 
port under FreeBSD ports. The [thinkum] branch itself - with no 
warranty, typical indemnification clauses, etc - seems to build OK under 
FreeBSD 12.1 amd64 at least so far as for ports I've built locally, 
under local make.conf and related files. It is not up-to-date with 
regards to the FreeBSD upstream [master] branch, at this time.

Personally, I'm trying to limit local port updates across approximately 
a quarterly duration. The [thinkum] branch should be merged for a newer 
FreeBSD ports [master] branch at GitHub, after any subsequent local 
ports update, as such.

As one limitation to the patch: Absent of any cross-compiling support in 
the port, as yet, it may only build on amd64 - that being the arch for 
which there is an initial bootstrap compiler available, in a CCL 
distribution 1.12 for FreeBSD. Candidly, I'm not certain if there is any 
single, formal and/or recommended convention for cross-compiling under 
FreeBSD ports - juxtaposed to any formal conventions supported for 
cross-building under the FreeBSD base system. Pursuant of any more 
concrete idea and subsequent testing for an approach to that much, 
insofar as for C/C++/ObjC programs, hopefully it may be fairly 
straightforward to cross-compile the "C parts" under clang (or GCC) and 
to cross-build the CCL image separately, on FreeBSD, under an amd64 

The patched port has been tested, to a limited extent, on a FreeBSD 12.1 
amd64 machine, under SLIME.


- Sean Champ

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