[Openmcl-devel] Problem with the (:y nn) command

Ron Garret ron at flownet.com
Thu Apr 29 08:17:40 PDT 2021

On Apr 29, 2021, at 8:13 AM, Ron Garret <ron at flownet.com> wrote:

> If you are spawning processes in the GUI it is better to use gui:background-process-run-function rather than the regular process-run-function.

Just for the record, the *reason* that this is better will become apparent the first time you try it, but it’s because gui:background-process-run-function will catch the break and present it in a window with a regular REPL in which you can do all the usual things.  If you don’t do this, the window you end up with is not actually a CCL window, it’s separate application called the AltConsole, which is the I/O channel of last resort that CCL uses when everything else fails.  The non-gui process-run-function knows nothing about the GUI, so when it fails the only way it knows to inform you of an error is through the AltConsole.  System errors (Lisp kernel bugs, out-of-memory conditions) use the same mechanism.


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