[Openmcl-devel] Error running Clozure CCL 1.11.7 on Catalina

peter p2.edoc at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 09:01:57 PST 2021

Re. running CCL in IDE on OSX Catalina 10.15.7, I found my way through the
installation instructions on the Clozure site (I hope somewhere on
https://ccl.clozure.com). It has been running OK every day, albeit not
really tasked in brutal anger, since getting my 2019 16 inch MBP.

As I've not seen it done here, I assume that it is not the done thing to
post a IDE binary here.
(paranoid thought, what if it contains all sorts of information from my
local system that I'd rather not distribute to the world, as Symbolics used
to frequently do with their distribution worlds).
But it does surprise me that the Clozure app on the Apple Store has not
been updated in such a long time.

I assume that it is taken for granted that all are as
driven/desperate/intelligent as necessary to compile the sources to make
their own IDE binary. (in my case only desperate ... can't live without
CCL, as old, rather stuck in old habits, and broke).

Now, as Apple moves their walled sacred garden onto their custom silicon,
fears mount and I can only pray that Intel Macs last till I'm in my grave
or gaga (hopefully not as soon as it seems), and that Apple doesn't roll on
little piglets like us. Or perhaps some angels will see the light and save
our CCL future. And even go the full distance and dream up some sort of low
hanging fruit GUI builder so schools, pensioners and millions can put their
lockdown lives to good use exploring and designing wholesome things that
are as yet unimaginable.
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