[Openmcl-devel] “Prehistoric” MCL

Tim McNerney mc at media.mit.edu
Thu Mar 3 21:26:47 PST 2022

Motivated by my recent purchase of a refurbished Mac Classic (*),
I am searching for a couple of types of “prehistoric” software. 
1) 68000 MCL that runs in 4MB of RAM and a tiny B/W screen. (**)
2) examples of early Mac apps written in MCL with decent UIs.

(*) With a BlueSCSI SSD instead of a fragile HDD.

Is the rumor true that Coral Software delivered a complete Common Lisp 
compressed onto a single 9cm floppy? (3 1/2”)

(**) I’m not looking for one of these physical floppies. 
9cm floppies were notorious, even brand new, of not being archival. 
Some sort of disk image would be better. 

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