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michael at stray-hound.com michael at stray-hound.com
Sat Mar 5 13:42:02 PST 2022

I have a Macintosh Common Lisp v3.9 CD somewhere around here.  I think.  Iirc, it has both a 68k and a PPC version as well as a bunch of source code and documentation.

I’ll see if I can find it but as I recall, it didn’t actually run on my Quadra 950.


> On Mar 5, 2022, at 11:53 AM, Paul Krueger <plkrueger at comcast.net> wrote:
> Tim,
> I have a DVD with Macintosh Common Lisp Version 2.0 (1992) on it. At one time I had the older Coral software that I used to do my doctoral thesis work in the late 80’s on a Mac Classic, but can’t find any trace of it left in my house. I have no idea whether this version will run on the Classic; maybe somebody else can tell you for sure.
> It contains:
> 1. MCL 2.0 complete installed copy ready for use, that can just be dragged to your hard disk
> 2. Three folders which contain the contents of the three-disk Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0 floppy disk set.
> 3. MCL Documentation that can be read using the Apple DocViewer
> 4. Additional MCL Source code including high level code for views, dialogs, menus, and the FRED editor
> I suspect that #1 is all you really need, but that may depend on how you intend to install the software.
> Unfortunately I no longer have any way to read a DVD. I think I still have an antique scsi dvd reader that I may have once attached to one of my macs, but getting that to work would require the right drivers I’m sure.
> I could load whatever is on that DVD and make it downloadable across the net for you if I go buy a new dvd reader. Or I could just mail the DVD to you if you have a way to read it and are sure this is what you want.
> I also have hard-copy manuals of “Getting Started with Macintosh Common-Lisp for Version 3.0 and "version 3.1 and 4.0" and the Supplement to Macintosh Common Lisp Reference for version 3.0. They might be useful if you don’t have Apple’s docViewer app.
> Let me know if you think any of that might be useful to you.
> Paul
>> On Mar 3, 2022, at 11:26 PM, Tim McNerney <mc at media.mit.edu <mailto:mc at media.mit.edu>> wrote:
>> Motivated by my recent purchase of a refurbished Mac Classic (*),
>> I am searching for a couple of types of “prehistoric” software. 
>> 1) 68000 MCL that runs in 4MB of RAM and a tiny B/W screen. (**)
>> 2) examples of early Mac apps written in MCL with decent UIs.
>> (*) With a BlueSCSI SSD instead of a fragile HDD.
>> Is the rumor true that Coral Software delivered a complete Common Lisp 
>> compressed onto a single 9cm floppy? (3 1/2”)
>> (**) I’m not looking for one of these physical floppies. 
>> 9cm floppies were notorious, even brand new, of not being archival. 
>> Some sort of disk image would be better. 
>> --Tim
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