[Openmcl-devel] Coping with a name conflict

Denis Lorrain dlo_lorrain at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 21 14:00:31 PDT 2022

Hello all,

- Having updated from macOS 11.6.3 to 12.3, I had to change from the old AppStore CCL 1.11.7 to CCL 1.12.1.- R. Matthew Emerson kindly gave me this last build:   http://setf.clozure.com/~rme/ccl-1.12.1-ide-big-sur.zip- Happily, CCL 1.12.1 runs seemingly very well with macOS 12.3, whereas CCL 1.11.7 was very problematic with macOS 11.6.3. So I'm globally very satisfied with both changes.
- Unfortunately CCL 1.12.1 now introduces a name conflict with my own code, which did not occur before. Briefly summarized:
===========================================================Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.12.1 (v1.12.1-3-g2ae800e1) DarwinX8664For more information about CCL, please see http://ccl.clozure.com.CCL is free software.  It is distributed under the terms of the ApacheLicence, Version 2.0.? (function DBG)#<Compiled-function DBG #x30000015DD1F>? *package*#<Package "CCL">? (find-symbol "DBG")DBG:INTERNAL? (defmacro dbg (forme &optional fonction)    (if fonction        `(format *standard-output* "~4Tdbg-> ~S : ~S = ~S~%"               (quote ,fonction) (quote ,forme) ,forme)      `(format *standard-output* "~4Tdbg-> ~S = ~S~%" (quote ,forme) ,forme))); Warning: The function DBG is being redefined as a macro.
; While executing: (SETF MACRO-FUNCTION), in process Listener(4).DBG? (dbg a) => crash: AltConsole                    Lisp Breakpoint                    ? for help                    [nnnn] Clozure CL kernel debugger:===========================================================

- The conflict is created by my definition of dbg as a macro-function. You understand it's a simple developing help, inserted for debugging, checking things on the fly, printing internal values, etc.
- The annoying point is that my dbg macro-function is everywhere in my code, sometimes commented out, but often not. I could change its name, but it would be quite tedious to edit all my source files, written over the last 15 or 20 years...
=> Is there some package trick which could solve this name conflict? So called shadowing? Unfortunately, my knowledge about packages doesn't extend further than the clumsy demo above.=> Could anyone suggest a hopefully simple solution?
Sorry for this long message. Many thanks in advance,
   DLO--Denis Lorrainhttp://www.denislorrain.orgRecordings of selected piano works:  http://works.denislorrain.orge-mail: dlo at denislorrain.org--
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