[Openmcl-devel] Coping with a name conflict

Denis Lorrain dlo_lorrain at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 22 13:40:50 PDT 2022

Hello all,
   Many thanks for your numerous, quick and clear answers.   It's true a shell script using sed could easily perform the edits in all my *.lisp files. However, quite reluctant to change my macro-function name, I had not yet figured how, hoping for a simpler and transparent issue.
   The real solution is, of course, with your explanations, that my stuff must be loaded in package CCL-USER, and certainly not in package CCL. R. Matthew Emerson admitted this mistake in the build he kindly gave me last February, and also indicated the patch to cure the problem...   Et voila !
Thanks again,
   DLO--Denis Lorrainhttp://www.denislorrain.orgRecordings of selected piano works:  http://works.denislorrain.orge-mail: dlo at denislorrain.org--
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