[Openmcl-devel] Using screen to put CCL/HT in production as a web server

Keith Corbett kmcorbett at specialformsoftware.comcastbiz.net
Mon Sep 2 02:16:14 UTC 2013

I've used this technique with several live applications in environments 
that had stringent requirements for security and reliability. I rely on 
ssh for security with respect to remote access over the network. I don't 
know if screen introduces any new security issues, but it's generally 
considered to be reliable. I prefer to use tmux instead of screen, but 
AFAIK they are quite similar.


On 1 Sep 2013, at 19:04, Ron Garret wrote:

> I'm about to put a CCL web app (using Hunchentoot) into production.  
> Up to now I've been taking advantage of all the interactive goodness 
> that the IDE offers, but of course that will mostly go away once the 
> app is deployed.  But it occurred to me that I could use the "screen" 
> program to keep a REPL around for debugging the live app.  My question 
> is: is this a wise thing to do?  Are there potential unexpected 
> negative consequences of deploying an application this way?  Security 
> holes?  Possible crashes?  Has anyone tried this?  This is one set of 
> lessons I'd rather not learn the hard way.
> Thanks,
> rg
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