[Openmcl-devel] Using screen to put CCL/HT in production as a web server

Scott McKay swmckay at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 02:17:28 UTC 2013

On Sep 2, 2013, at 7:28 AM, Jeffrey Cunningham <jeffrey at jkcunningham.com> wrote:

> On 09/01/2013 05:00 PM, Luís Oliveira wrote:
>> On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 12:52 AM, Jeffrey Cunningham
>> <jeffrey at jkcunningham.com> wrote:
>>> Why not just connect to it through swank? I do that all the time with my
>>> remote webserver. SSH into the server, bring up emacs and slime-connect and
>>> you're running under the live instance.
>> Or even better, open an ssh tunnel into the server and slime-connect
>> from the comfort of your local Emacs.
> I was going to say that, but I've only done it a few times. While I much prefer using my local emacs I have to be careful modifying and compiling on my local source getting out of sync with the remote source. 

So I've been working as the CTO of a company called Cleartrip for about a year. I've been trying to make "continuous deploys" work. One thing about this in the Java+Ruby environment we're using (not my call, pre-existing stack) is that packaging up these constant little incremental changes that have to be rolled put to 10s or 100s of servers is not trivial. 

It seems to me that it should be possible to build a secure Slime solution that "fans out" incremental changes to a whole (sub-)farms of servers. A CL library build on top of Slime that manages continuous deployment would be pretty awesome. 

Does it already exist?
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