[Openmcl-devel] openGL

nik gaffney nik at f0.am
Tue Dec 17 12:05:46 PST 2002

there is a list of opengl bindings at cliki 
http://www.cliki.net/OpenGL%20Bindings including those for MCL (based on 
reworkings of reworkings... .)  unfortunatly i havent spent enough time with 
openmcl + osx to see how far from, or close to, working any of these are.

> you should know that there's a set of opengl bindings (thin lisp api
> wrappers for opengl functions) out for MCL already so you might not
> have to do foreign function calls everywhere *if* those bindings work
> under openmcl and you can find them. If I discover the source I'll post
> to the list and copy you.

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