[Openmcl-devel] openGL / cl-sdl

nik gaffney nik at f0.am
Wed Dec 18 10:43:48 PST 2002

> I looked a bit at libSDL as well (http://www.libsdl.org); SDL is a superset
> of OpenGL.

does look like a good option, expecially considering it will most likely work 
with both linux + osX versions of openmcl. 

> It may be of interest because there's a SourceForge project at
> http://cl-sdl.sourceforge.net to develop CL bindings to SDL and OpenGL.
> The authors say that the latest release has been ported to OpenMCL,
> compiles and loads fine, and crashes at runtime; they'd like help
> in getting it working ...
> It takes a similar (procedural) approach to the problem of defining
> OpenGL FFI information, but uses Kevin Rosenberg's UFFI package
> (http://uffi.b9.com) to make this portable.
> Building cl-sdl seems to depend on having built SDL previously;
> apparently, there's a C (or ObjC ?) layer involved, and building
> cl-sdl depends on the availability of some configuration scripts
> left over from the SDL build process.
> If I can get cl-sdl built, I'd certainly be interested in trying
> to make it run.

im also trying to build it, without too much sucess so far.

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