[Openmcl-devel] OpenMCL/fink

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Fri Sep 27 17:40:41 PDT 2002

John DeSoi wrote:
> Sorry I can't help with the original question, but it made me think 
> of another. I was wondering if you have looked at Fink 
> (http://fink.sourceforge.net/index.php) which is a debian-like 
> distribution system for OS X. If you are already maintaining OpenMCL 
> and Portable AllegroServe in Debian it would be great to have them in 
> Fink if it is not a lot of extra work.

Hi John,

I looked briefly at Fink when I had OS X on my G4. I suspect it
wouldn't be too hard to port from Debian to Fink. Currently, though, I
don't have OS X installed. I suspect I might try installing OS X via
MOL (mac on linux) next month.

BTW, the UFFI stuff you wrote seems to work well with OpenMCL on
Debian. I'm currently working on getting CLSQL to work with OpenMCL as


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