[Openmcl-devel] create an executable from openmcl

Oliver Marković lists at entrox.org
Thu Apr 17 11:06:51 PDT 2003

On Donnerstag, Apr 17, 2003, at 20:04 Europe/Berlin, Erann Gat wrote:

> To run a Lisp "executable" you need additional libraries that are not
> ubiquitous and not well hidden (yet).  That is what makes it appear 
> that
> Lisp is different from C in this regard.  But it isn't.  The Lisp
> libraries have to go somewhere.  You can hide them, just as the C
> libraries are hidden, and give Lisp the appearance of running 
> "standalone
> executables" in exactly the same way that C programs give this 
> appearance.
> But that's the best you can do.

This is no different than Java - if there's no JRE installed, you can't 
run Java
programs. People seem to have accepted that, so I wonder why there are 
complaining about the same fact when using Lisp. Perhaps one should make
a package called "Lisp Runtime Environment - LRE" and take advantage of
Sun's marketing ;-)

In other news, I'm trying to decouple the Cocoa bindings from the 
example IDE
and automate the generation of application bundles. This should make it 
to generate double-clickable applications on OS X, which could prove to 
quite handy (especially to people like the original poster).

   Oliver Markovic

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