[Openmcl-devel] popen is not happy

Erann Gat gat at flownet.com
Wed Jun 4 21:35:59 UTC 2003


> The analogous C code would be something closer to:


> That assumes that the C compiler allocates that "ls" and "r+" each
> time into the code. It stores the string constants away, and only
> allocates the cmd and mode pointers.

Oh yeah.  Right.  Duh.  Now I remember why I like Lisp better than C.  ;-)

So to get the behavior I want I need to much with pipe() and dup() and
fork() in order to create the equivalent of Python's os.popen2 (or CLisp's
make-pipe-io-stream).  (I find it somewhat astonishing that after this
many decades of unix that opening a bidirectional communications channel
to a subprocess is not a standard thing.)


> It seems to me that if there really is a bug in OSX/Darwin

It's not clear whether this is a bug in the code or the docs.  "r+" is an
extension to the usual behavior of popen.

Thanks for all the responses!


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