[Openmcl-devel] New version of CLX for OpenMCL available

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Wed May 7 04:16:47 PDT 2003

[For anyone unfamiar with CLX: it's a CL library for interfacing to the
X Window system.  <http://www.cliki.net/CLX> is a good starting point
for learning more about it.]

There have been some versions of CLX (quietly) available on the
clozure.com FTP server; those versions are derived from MIT CLX
releases that're almost 10 years old.  Among other problems, those
older versions have difficulty establishing connections to X servers
that require authentication data (such as Apple's X11 server in its
default configuration.)

This newer version (which is SBCL's current CLX distribution +
some OpenMCL conditionalization) addresses this issue and incorporates
many other improvements.  See the "README" file in the archive for
further details and credits, and the "README.OpenMCL" file for some
OpenMCL-specific issues.

This should work with OpenMCL 0.13.5 or later (including 0.14 alpha
releases.)  It's probably reasonable to assume that any bugs you
may find are OpenMCL-specific; please report them to
"bug-openmcl at clozure.com".

The archive's available at:


and, equivalently, at:


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