[Openmcl-devel] FPC-PPC Version 0.2

Randall Beer beer at eecs.cwru.edu
Fri Apr 2 15:28:47 PST 2004

I've just released a minor update to FPC-PPC, which compiles Lisp 
double-float functions and expressions directly into PPC assembly 
language for faster execution and considerably less consing.

   - FPC-PPC has been updated to work with OpenMCL 0.14 and above
   - Fixed a VSP adjustment bug that occasionally corrupted the value 
     (Thanks to James Anderson for finding this)
   - :FPC-PPC is now added to *FEATURES*

Thanks to Gary King for testing this update. Of course, any bugs that 
still exist are my fault, not his!

The software and documentation can be found at: 


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