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Hamilton Link hamlink at comcast.net
Fri Aug 6 18:03:10 PDT 2004

On Aug 6, 2004, at 12:56 PM, alex crain wrote:

> Ok, I managed to make it work. I was missing the part about 
> ccl:compile-hemlock and trying to use make::oop, which sort of works 
> and sort of doesn't.
> Anyway, I'm getting the cocoa listener and I can open files with a 
> mode line and scroll bars. I also see that paren matching works and I 
> can do all the cocoa things like cut and paste.
> Sooo...
> What else works and what doesn't? I notice that I still had to 
> require CLX to get hemlock to compile, help is broken and I get "Error 
> in event loop: NIL is not a line!" on a regular basis.
> Is there anything definitive on what the state of the project is? I'm 
> not complaining, I'm just wondering where is a good place to start.

Um... if you said (require "COMPILE-HEMLOCK") and then 
(ccl::compile-hemlock), it should have built hemlock. Requiring CLX 
directly shouldn't have been necessary. You lost me entirely when you 
said the thing about make::oop, is that an asdf thing?

So probably the first thing to do would be to make sure you and I are 
on the same page with the build process, since otherwise we can't be 
sure we're testing against the same product. While we're at it we could 
upgrade the docs (before everything becomes second nature to you and 
you forget what the confusing parts were). Given that it's not 
complicated to build (IMHO, having done it many times), I'm not 
particularly crazy about converting it to asdf just yet.

Then personally I would be inclined to see development proceed 
approximately like this:
  - address hemlock's undefined function warnings (by defining things or 
removing references), which probably represent a mix of unrealized 
functionality, potential error generators, and inappropriate features
  - fix as many of the panic-attack-inducing situations in the editor 
and listener as we can reliably reproduce that are still around after 
we stop hitting undefined functions
  - fix help and make a comtab viewer/configurator so people can figure 
out how to use the editor
  - take care of genuine integration issues, like making a hotkey or :b 
at listener at a break prompt pop up backtrace, double-clicking on an 
object in a GUI popping up the inspector, drag and drop, contextual 
menus for forms and GUI-displayed things that will eval forms, open 
class browsers, bind "@" to the selected object, and so on
  - emulate slime+emacs in keybindings as a default comtab configuration
  - tweak some of the cosmetic and performance issues, specifically the 
stuff I listed in my original email to you (which I apparently didn't 
copy to the list) plus the stuff we find while getting the editor 
working smoothly
  - overhaul crufty things, like revamping the inspector to be smaller 
while showing more

I do a little bit of cocoa programming (like i made the crufty 
inspector) and will probably end up doing more as time goes by, so I 
should be able to help write code now and then besides the thorough 
testing and whining that I will be doing. I'm just really busy doing 
other programming projects most of the time.

And for future reference, probably on this topic emailing me at 
hamlink at cs.unm.edu would be best, since that's where I get mail on the 
computer that I do the most hemlock testing.


> On Aug 5, 2004, at 10:55 PM, Hamilton Link wrote:
>> Oh and by the way JUST in case it was a build problem, your query 
>> made me go back and look at the docs again, and they were pretty bad. 
>> Now they've been rearranged and will hopefully be rewritten in the 
>> not-too-distant future by a few of us to be clearer. The build 
>> process is now Chapter 2: http://openmcl.clozure.com/Doc/ch02.html
>> Oh, and this is my other email, if you want to correspond about 
>> Hemlock over the weekend. Monday I'll be at hamlink at cs.unm.edu so 
>> catch me if you can! :)
>> h
>> On Aug 3, 2004, at 7:15 PM, alex crain wrote:
>>> I'm interested in working on the hemlock integration. Can you give 
>>> me a 100 word description of where things are?
>>> Also, could you see if I'm on the openmcl-devel mailing list? I was 
>>> once, but I changed my address from alex at widgetworks.com to 
>>> alexcrain at widgetworks.com and while I tried to subscribe a couple of 
>>> times, I'm not getting any mail.
>>> :alex
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